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Oh Wow! I didnt want it to end!

It was such a good vid of all the different projects you have worked on. The music was well timed.
I was having a blast watching it that it sucked that it finally ended. I wanted it to go on for a long time.
Yes Im greedy.
Well 2 years. And such a great job you did.

LaserKarl responds:

Thank you! :)
I wish there were more to fill it up aswell.


You've improved quite a lot in such a short period of time.

Hahahaha I saw this at DA last night.

and I found it hilarious now as much as I did then.
"Awwww I want a monkey"
... thats genious. And it was delivered very nice.

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Great Game!

It was kinda slow and kinda hard at first but once was I got the ball rolling it was hard to stop and ended playing it for about 2/3 hours and was able to finish it and killing Vira Cocha (with a lil grinding of course)

But I dont know if it glicthed or not but It doesnt show that I got spme of the NG medals even though I got them in-game (http://img692.imageshack.us/img692/4 043/sadfacev.png) I just need the last one but I dont like playing the game again. I thought challenge was gonna be a Boss marathon fight or something not just a harder mode. =(
Oh and after I beat Vira Cocha he gave me 300k Au, not sure if that was suppose to happen or not since the other monsters only give like 250-1k Au. And all the medals/awards after him are missing/dont show up. =/

great game though. I would definitely like to play a sequel or just another adventure with new story/characters.

I had fun!

Reached lv 239 with all my stats at 400
Took a screenshot of it.
yes... I have no life -_-
I wonder how far it'll go... hmmmm.
I wont continue to repeat what has already been said. Hope to see further tweaks to this game if there are ever any more sequels.

Really, Incredibly Awesome Work

Everything is A+
The graphics are beyond good.
The sound is great.
It almost feels like a gameboy game, what with the story mode and the surviavel.
Thats replay value. Great job. Now if you could only have a version on your site tjat was comaible with macs. ^_^
Ya know exe is PC only.

Woot~ Woot~

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